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Anonymous, fast, free.
Testpoint JH gives you the opportunity to easily take an HIV/STI test and get a quick answer. It is free of charge and you can be completely anonymous. The test is done in RFSL Jämtland Härjedalen's premises, at Thoméegränd 4 in Östersund. It is not linked to healthcare.

Our test operation is open for drop-in every Wednesday at 17.00 – 19.00. So you can just come here without registering.

It is also possible to book an appointment during the day on weekdays. You do that on this page: https://testpointjh.bookafy.com

Testpoint JH is primarily directed towards men who have sex with men and trans people/people with trans experience. But of course everyone who wants to come is welcome. It takes place in a safe place with LGBTQ competence.

The sample is taken with a small needle prick in the finger, a few drops of blood are placed on a test stick and the answer is then read from the stick. In the meantime, you are offered a conversation with our trained testing staff. The HIV test also includes a syphilis test.

Interpreter and availability

If you need an interpreter, you must make an appointment in advance. You do this by emailing us at jh@rfsl.se.

Unfortunately, our premises are not accessible, if necessary we can therefore book an appointment in other premises. Read more about availability with us here to find out if it works for you: https://jh.rfsl.se//tillganglighet/

Why should I test myself?

Testpoint JH wants to give everyone the opportunity to test themselves. By knowing your HIV status, you can take care of your own health and the health of others. The majority of people who are infected with HIV have received it from a person who does not know that they are positive. Testing is an effective way to reduce the transmission of HIV.

O=O means that unmeasurable HIV is non-transmissible HIV. If you get tested and know your status, you can get treatment. Today, well managed treatment means that HIV is not detectable in your blood and you can basically live your life with HIV as a life without HIV. By getting tested regularly, you can protect yourself and your partners.

When can I test myself?

The HIV test measures antibodies. This means that the virus can only be detected after the body has formed antibodies against it. How long it takes varies from person to person, from about two to eight weeks. We recommend that eight weeks have passed since you think you may have been infected for the test to be completely reliable.

If you are acutely concerned, a traditional blood test may be better, as it can detect HIV at an earlier stage. If you want to know where to turn, contact us.

Testpoint JH does not refuse anyone who wants to take a test, provided the person is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Better a test too much than a test too little.

How is HIV treated?

Today’s treatment is very effective. If you test reactive for HIV, you get access to treatment and medication in time. It allows you to live a fulfilling life. The medicines today can reduce the virus to immeasurable levels and are then classified as non-transmissible and the obligation to inform no longer applies then.

Treated HIV is therefore not transmissible and keeps you symptom-free and your life expectancy is the same as without HIV. Read more about this on RFSL’s national page: https://www.rfsl.se/verkehsam/halsa-sexualitet-och-hiv/oo/

Test results

Testpoint JH allows you to test yourself anonymously, completely outside of the auspices of healthcare. You will get the answer immediately. For some, it simply fits better.

If you test reactively, we can help you quickly get in contact with healthcare to do a follow-up, confirmatory test. We can also come along as support. Seeking medical attention is recommended when someone gets a reactive result with a rapid response test. We do not force anyone to seek care, nor do we report anyone who tests reactively to care without the person’s consent. If you need time to process your reactions before seeing a doctor, we can, among other things, offer conversation support.

The project in which Testpoint JH is part is financed by the Public Health Authority of Sweden.

Support. You can read more about several supports within RFSL here on RFSL’s national page: https://www.rfsl.se/verkehsam/stod/

Receive SMS reminders to test yourself, read more and register here: rfsl.se/jh/testpaminnelse

If you have any questions, just get in touch!

Testpoint JH is open for drop-in every Wednesday at 17.00 – 19.00. Then you can come to Thoméegränd 4 in Östersund without registering.

It is also possible to book an appointment Tuesday – Thursday at 9-15. You do that on this page: https://testpointjh.bookafy.com

Contact persons

Nicole Stuffler, sexual health coordinator (Hon/She), RFSL Jämtland Härjedalen
063-700 74 01, nicole.stuffler@jh.rfsl.se

Henrik Hedman, communicator (Han/He), RFSL Jämtland Härjedalen
063-700 74 01, henrik.hedman@jh.rfsl.se

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