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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis(PrEP) is medication that prevents HIV in people who know they are HIV negative.

It can be important when you know that condoms don’t always work for you. Among other things, it may be relevant if you have recently had a venereal disease (venereal diseases increase the vulnerability to getting HIV), during chemsex or if you sell sex.

  • PrEP is most effective if taken regularly and then provides high protection.
  • PrEP does not protect against STDs, only condoms do.
  • PrEP is included in the high-cost protection in Sweden.

Regular follow-ups with a doctor with blood tests is important, the doctor checks how the medicine works in your body and tests you for venereal diseases.

Should I take PrEP?

It is individual. If you use condoms regularly, the probabilities of HIV are low and PrEP has no additional effect. If you know that condoms don’t always work for you, PrEP can be an option.

Who should I contact for PrEP?

If you are interested, you can contact the STI reception in Östersund via 1177 or telephone: 063- 15 40 15. There you will have an assessment call with a nurse.

If you just want to talk without having to contact the health care directly, you are welcome to visit us at Testpoint JH.

RFSL’s report on experiences with PrEP from 2021 can be found here(in swedish).

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