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We at RFSL Jämtland Härjedalen are always here for you and try to answer your questions about relationships, dating, identity, sex, venereal diseases, testing and everything related.

Get in touch with us via social media, phone: 063-700 74 01 or email:
More contact information is available here on our website. You can also stop by our premises at Kyrkgatan 45 in Östersund, where we are often found during the day on weekdays, when you see the rainbow flag hanging outside.

Different support services:

RFSL’s national page with several support activities: RFSL’s support page

General LGBTQ questions:

  • Östersund’s youth reception is LGBTQ certified and is available for you between the ages of 13 and 22: Undomsmottagningen Jämtland Härjedalen(in swedish) they also have a site in english called Youmo or you can call: 063-14 24 55
  • If you need conversational support and have questions connected to your sexuality or identity, there is LGBTQ health at Södersjukhuset. They are aimed at the whole of Sweden: Hbtq-hälsan call reception(in swedish) or call: 08-123 65 503
  • If you are wondering about sex and relationships, the RFSU chat is for you: the RFSU chat

Support regarding HIV issues:

  • If you suspect that you may have been infected with HIV, you have an obligation under the Infection Control Act to immediately contact the infection clinic in Östersund: 1177 Infektionsmottagningen Östersund or call 063-15 40 20.

Noaks ark:

  • You can contact Noaks Ark if you have questions regarding HIV: Noaks Ark or call 08-700 46 00.
  • Noaks Ark’s nearest department in the north is in Umeå: Noaks Ark Norra Norrland or call: 076-776 18 88.

Patient association, Posithiva Gruppen:

  • If you live with HIV, there is a patient group in Norrland for you, Posithiva Gruppen Norr. PG Norr also helps you pay for travel to meetings and activities. More information is available at Posithiva Gruppen Norr or call: 076-207 05 26.
  • Posithiva Gruppen is located in Stockholm and accepts people living with HIV throughout Sweden, they also have special departments for e.g. transgender, men who have sex with men, pregnant, 50+, young adults and women. More information at Posithiva Gruppen or call 0775 – 66 83 33.

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